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Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm Monitor Complete Set Includes Pocket Pager And Telephone Auto Dialer



When mare lies flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds a signal will be sent from Transmitter/Mare to Repeater Antenna. Signal is then sent via Repeater Antenna/Breeder Alert® Main Unit and then to Breeder Alert Pocket Pager and/or Telephone (phone jack in barn is needed to attach to Breeder Alert Main Unit when using Telephone Dialer feature). Panic button on Main Unit allows you to manually send alert to Pagers and/or Telephone if you are in barn and want to alert others immediately. Most mares do not go flat out to sleep so close to foaling - but if you have a mare that does, the System will alert you when she goes down and will not beep you again until she raises her head to a non-transmitting position (this automatically resets system) and goes flat out again. Some call these false alarms but that close to foaling you want to know when she is down. Transmission range from Transmitter/Mare to Repeater Antenna/Main Unit is up to 500 feet clear line of sight (in a barn situation you will probably have closer to up to 400 feet). Range from Repeater/Antenna to Breeder Alert® Pager is up to 3/4 mile (depending on terrain and obstructions). In case of electrical power outage or if power is not available; you may connect 12V battery with at least 1.2ah (i.e., car battery) to Main Unit. Alligator clips are supplied with the Breeder Alert System. Up to 20 Transmitters (within range of Repeater Antenna/Main Unit) can be used per system if more than one mare needs monitoring at a time. New Feature allows Pocket Pager to show you (via LED display) which Transmitter/Mare is in flat out foaling position. Additional Transmitters and Pagers may be added to your System at any time and are easily coded at your location.

Set consists of: Main Unit/Telephone Auto Dialer/Panic Button, Repeater Antenna/coax cable, Pocket Pager, Transmitter/Pouch And Back Up Battery Alligator Clips in case you don't have power in barn or have a power outage.  Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty, ROHS Compliant.  100/240VAC 50/60hz, with 12VDC Backup feed.

Price: $465.00
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