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 The new Breeder Alert system has been completely redesigned eliminating the need for a Main Unit/Repeater, & Antenna/Cable.  State of the Art electronics are now contained in the Transmitter on Mare and Breeder Alert Pocket Pager.  We call this release Phase 1 (having signal go direct from Mare to Pocket Pager).  The range is up to 1 mile on your property depending on obstructions.  Signal can now go through metal barns.

FCC Tested and Approved. 

Mare no longer needs to be within range of a Main Unit (repeater) in barn.  You can add up to 20 Transmitters per system and as many Pagers as needed at any time. Transmitters are coded directly to the Pocket Pager. 

Phase 2 release will be an optional Telephone Wireless Dialing component compatible with Phase 1 and will be released soon. This option is for those who would also like to be alerted via telephone (no landline or internet needed).  You can use with or without the Breeder Alert Pocket Pager.  Telephone Dialer is compatible to Phase 1 and can easily be added when available.  Price to be determined when completed.

To place your order you can either call, email, or order from our Website.  We normally ship USPS via Priority Mail and only charge actual freight.  We try to ship within a day or two of receiving order.

We are proud to say our System is Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Trusted Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm System 

Breeder Alert® Halter Foaling Alarm Monitor was developed in 1979, to alert the foaling attendant of an impending birth to assist the foal and/or mare if necessary. With the Breeder Alert Alarm System, you can rest assured that you will be alerted in a timely fashion. Most deliveries proceed normally without complications. However, you never know when a problem may arise. It may be a simple task of breaking the sack to save the life of a foal or having time to summon a veterinarian if needed. Most expectant mares will lie flat out before and during the foaling process. The majority of mares foal at night and breeders can spend many long sleepless nights watching and waiting for a foal to arrive. The best safeguard against losing a foal, and possibly a broodmare, is to have someone present. As the owner of an expectant mare, you go to great lengths to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. Helping your mare bring a new life into the world comes with responsibilities, including proper veterinary care, nutrition, and planning. With the aid of a Breeder Alert Alarm Foaling System, you will be alerted when your mare is flat out in the foaling position and be ready to monitor and assist in the birthing process if necessary.