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Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm Pocket Pager

Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm Additional Pocket Pager
The Pager alerts the carrier when mare lies flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds. Important Pager feature has the ability to show which mare/Transmitter is sending signal (via LED display). Pager has up to 1 mile transmission range from Transmitter on Mare depending on terrain and obstructions.  Signal can now go through metal barns.
Breeder Alert® Pager uses 2 AAA batteries with Low Battery Indicator. There is no limitation on number of Pagers used per system. If ordering additional Pagers at a later date, you just need to supply us with your System Serial Number. 
Each New Complete System ordered includes 1 Pocket Pager.  New updated System Serial Number begins with letter "Q".  If you have an older model please call or email us to check if still available.
Price: $245.00