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Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm Monitor Complete Set Includes 1 Pocket Pager and 1 Transmitter/Pouch

Updated Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm System


The Breeder Alert system has been completely redesigned eliminating the need for a Main Unit/Repeater, & Antenna/Cable.  State of the Art electronics are now contained in the Transmitter on Mare and Breeder Alert Pocket Pager.  We call this release Phase 1 (having signal go direct from Mare to Pocket Pager).  The range is up to 1 mile depending on obstructions. Signal can now go through a metal barn.  FCC tested and approved.

Mare no longer needs to be within range of a Main Unit (repeater) in barn.  You can add up to 20 Transmitters per system and as many Pagers as needed at any time. Transmitters are coded directly to the Pocket Pager. 

Phase 2 will be an optional Telephone Wireless Dialing component available in 2024.  Stay tuned for release date! This option is for those who would also like to be alerted via telephone (no landline or internet needed).  Price to be determined when completed.  The electronic shutdown has delayed the release of the Dialer component but we are working on it!  The Dialer can be added to Phase 1.

To place your order you can either call, email, or order from our Website (  We normally ship USPS via Priority Mail.  Only actual shipping will be charged.  

When mare lies flat out in foaling position for 13 seconds a signal will be sent from Transmitter/Mare to Breeder Alert Pocket Pager. Most mares do not go flat out to sleep so close to foaling - but if you have a mare that does, the System will alert you. If mare stays down to rest/sleep, system will not alert you again until she raises her head to a non-transmitting position (this automatically resets system) and goes flat out again.  No need to go out and physically reset. Transmission range from Transmitter/Mare to Pocket Pager is up to 1+ Mile.  Up to 20 Transmitters (within range of Breeder Alert Pocket Pager) can be used per system if more than one mare needs monitoring at a time.  Pocket Pager shows you (via LED display) which Transmitter/Mare is in flat out foaling position. Additional Transmitters and Pagers may be added to your System at any time and are easily coded at your location. 

We are proud to say our System is Designed and Assembled in the USA.

Set consists of: 1 Pocket Pager and 1 Transmitter/Pouch and Instruction Manual.  Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty, ROHS Compliant.  

Price: $490.00