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Breeder Alert came through last night at about 10:40pm.  It let us know that Di was restless and we went to the barn in time to help Di give birth to Itty Bitty Dream Weaver.  She is 23 lbs and 21 inches tall.  I sent you some pictures attached.  Mom and baby are fine, but I need a nap.

Thanks again

Ellen Martina - Double M Ranch

Here is my baby thanks to BREEDER ALERT.

My mare carried her 384 days. (yes Im sure of the breed date, I hand bred her & returned the stud because I had shoulder surgery)

I would have lost this one if I wasn't there. I had to break the sac, do CPR to get her breathing, & cut the cord!

Michele Puryear

Thank you so much for Express Mailing the Breeder Alert to us so quickly.

It worked well, and look what we have - a little filly.

See how happy our mare is with your product.

Mary and Michael Collings - Aristocratic Miniatures -- Crowley, Texas

We had our new foal at 510 this morning.  The alarm went off , thank God mom layed down and everything went like clock work.  I love this alarm system.  I never want to be without it.

Thanks again for everything.

Barb Daicoff

We want to thank you guys for a great product.

After feeding this morning and checking out 60+ horses, we all left to go take care of other duties.  Only a few minutes from the farm our pagers went off. We returned to the foaling barn to find a mare going into labor. This was her first. The foal was quite over due and very stuck. Last year we lost 3 Of 27 foals. This morning was sure to be fatal to both.  

Thanks to your system the mare and colt are both fine.

Thanks again for every thing

Shawn Palmer - Twin Arrows Racing
A successful late-night foaling

What an amazing system!! The system alarmed at midnight on April 8th. I was there for the entire delivery! At 12:10am our Shire mare delivered us a healthy colt we call Royal! His sire, Walton Supreme, resides in the UK and is one of few Super Premium stallions. He is very special to us because he is the first US conceived and born colt by this stallion. We looked at several kinds of birthing alarms, but after consulting with Janet at Breeder Alert it was quite an easy purchase for us. After using the system, there wouldn’t be another we’d trust.

Danelle Kinney -- Redwing, MN

I also want to let you know that the Breeder Alert worked like a charm once again. We have a camera in the barn, and the pager went off at 4am. We woke up and looked at the camera, and sure enough, she was in labor. We got down to the barn in plenty of time to see the whole thing. A beautiful buckskin colt is the result and Momma and baby are healthy and doing fine. When I told my vet about it, he was quite interested. I sent him a link to your website and you could very well be hearing from him soon.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product. The peace of mind it gives makes the job of a breeder so much easier!! And I personally think it's worth every penny for the sleep I don't have to miss!!

Carol Marr - Rancho del Marr

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Breeder Alert®. It gives me a lot of piece of mind. Miniature horses sometimes need assistance and I must be there for each foaling. With my Breeder Alert® I am not "tied" to my video monitor/camera. The pager gives me a little freedom and I go to sleep at night knowing that it will wake me when a mini needs me. Thank you for my Breeder Alert®. I will never be without it!

Robin Russo True Joy Miniatures Sewell, New Jersey

Breeder Alert saved 2 foals for us, one of them, a filly out of a daughter of Sugar Boy. We also have brood mares, which go to Egyptian King, Fire & Ice, Bond, Little King''''s Bay Boss. With 18 foals expected next spring, I can''''t imagine a successful foaling season without a Breeder Alert system. If we hear of anyone looking for a Breeder Alert, we will give them your information.

Roger & Betty Bannick Blue Spruce Miniatures Adel, Iowa
Our New Foal

I have tried to get in touch with you just to say the Breeder Alert is fab, it was how I didn't miss my foal being born. I dozed off and it bleeped and the rest is history.

Sara Pell, France
Another Successful Foaling

We have approx 100 mares, foals and yearlings (Quarter Horse Race Horses) on our place most of the time. A few years ago, before we found your product, we had 2 mares and 3 foals die in the same year. Not only was it expensive, it was devastating. Since we started using your breeder alert system we have had great success. We are there each and every time a mare "decides it is time". If there are any problems we are always right there to help. I know I emailed you a year or so ago to thank you for your super product, but I wanted to tell you again. Last night at 10:00pm as I delivered #8 for the year, I was thinking how much of a blessing your product is. Please keep up the good work. You have an outstanding product

Shawn Palmer Twin Arrows Racing
A Beautiful Healthy Mare and Foal

Thanks so very much. We have a beautiful filly born yesterday afternoon around 3:00pm. The Breeder Alert worked great and gave me piece of mind.

Wanda Wiggins