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Extra Breeder Alert Transmitter/Pouch

Breeder Alert Foaling Alarm Additional Transmitter

Breeder Alert Transmitter is about the size of a Credit Card and about 1/2 inch thick and weighs about 1.48 oz.

New State Of The Art, Technology, With Improved Situational Awareness, Up To 20 Mares With Individual Identification Can Be Monitored. Other Systems Use Mercury Switches Or Tilt Switches (we used those in our older systems many years ago).

The Breeder Alert® Transmitter/Pouch attaches to halter connecting strap (this is the strap under jaw connecting noseband to throat latch). One size fits all, from Miniatures to Draft horses. Transmitter is powered by two AAA Batteries. Signal is sent directly from Mare/Transmitter to Breeder Alert Pocket Pager when mare is flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds (most mares will not lie flat out that close to foaling). Owner/Breeder is then alerted to check mare and assist with birth if necessary.

Transmission range from mare/Transmitter to Pocket Pager is up to 1+ Mile depending on obstructions. Signal can now go through metal barns.

FCC tested and approved.

Up to 20 Transmitters can used per system as long as they are in range of Breeder Alert Pocket Pager. New electronics allow for easy identification of which mare is in foaling position if multiple mares are foaling at the same time (via Pager Display). When ordering additional Transmitters at a later date you only need to supply your System Serial Number. Transmitters are supplied with Pouch.

New Model Transmitter Serial Number begins with the letter "Q".
NOTE: If you have an older model, please email or call us to see if they are still available (Transmitter Serial numbers beginning with Letter "T" are still available - please contact us to order).

Each Complete System includes 1 Transmitter/Pouch and Additional Transmitters can be ordered at any time.

Price: $245.00