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Ultra Bright Lighting

Do you need a powerful light to shine long distance, want to save some money on your electric bill, or need an emergency back up light when the power fails, then check out the lights from our sister company available here. We have searchlights, flashlights, solar lights, and energy saving lights. Please call us for more information.
This compact high output LED Solar Light is ideal for areas where power is not available and light is needed. Installation is easy, simply bolt it to a 3" pole, side of a building, barn, or fence, and it is ready to go. No expensive electrician is needed. Now you can light up your paddock where you don't have power and see what is lurking in the dark and watch over your animals. The light turns on and off automatically as the sun comes up and down, and you never have to adjust it for the changing seasons.
Price: $399.00
AE Personal Issue LED Flashlight  (P.I.) is a powerful flashlight producing 200 lumens of clean crisp beam  that projects up to 300ft making your objects easier to see and fits in the palm of your hand. 
The P.I. LED flashlight for the ladies, fits in your purse. Hunters, campers, and Ranchers who love its power and long run time. Optional accessories include, rechargeable battery, Lantern head for camping, and examination of contaminated areas, High/Low/Strobe LED module. You will be amazed by the power of this compact LED flashlight.
Price: $95.00