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Breeder Alert Telephone Dialer System - Must have a Telephone Line in Barn to attach to Breeder Alert Main Unit (Does not include Pocket Pager)



This System is for those who don't need a Pocket Pager and prefer to be alerted via Telephone. You can input up to 6 Telephone numbers (land line and/or cell phone numbers). To use the Telephone Dialer System, you will need a phone jack in the barn (if you don't have a phone jack, see our Complete System with Pocket Pager).  You will need a landline in barn to connect to Breeder Alert Dialer System. The Dialer cannot call the same telephone number that it calls out on. When mare lies flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds a signal will be sent from Transmitter/Mare to Repeater Antenna (placed in barn). Signal is then sent via Telephone (phone jack in barn required when using Telephone feature). The Dialer then dials all of the pre-stored telephone numbers and plays a pre-recorded message (or you can record your own personal message) to alert you Mare is flat out in foaling positon. If you don't want Dialer to call all numbers, you have the option of stopping the calling cycle when you receive the call. We have the added feature of the Panic Button on Main Unit which allows you to manually send alert to Telephone if you are in barn and want to alert others immediately. Note: Most mares do not lay flat out close to foaling but of course there are those who will. In the event you have a Mare that will lay flat out, you will be alerted. If she decides to sleep, you will only receive initial alarm and one more alarm in about 10 seconds.  The Transmitter then shuts off until mare raises her head to a Transmitting position.  System will reset automatically at this point.  This feature prevents the system from continually calling you if mare decides to sleep. 

Transmission range from Transmitter/Mare to Main Unit is up to 400 + feet clear line of sight. In case of electrical power outage or if power is not available; you may connect 12V battery with at least 1.2ah (i.e., car battery) to Main Unit. Alligator clips supplied with System. Up to 20 Transmitters (within range of Main Unit) can be used per system in the event more than one mare needs monitoring at a time. Additional Transmitters may be added to your System at any time and are easily coded at your location. Set consists of: MAIN UNIT/TELEPHONE AUTO DIALER/PANIC BUTTON, TRANSMITTER/POUCH, REPEATER ANTENNA, COAX CABLE AND 12V BATTERY ALLIGATOR CLIPS TO BE USED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE POWER IN BARN OR IN EVENT OF POWER OUTAGE (new picture coming soon - current picture shows complete system with Pager). With our System, if you decide at a later date you would like to add a Pocket Pager - no problem. 100/240VAC 50/60hz, with 12VDC Backup feed.  TWO YEAR PARTS AND LABOR WARRANTY. ROHS COMPLIANT.

Price: $375.00
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